Dogs and goats coming into the home pasture for the night.


We're glad you are visiting our website. Southern Star Farm raises goats for meat and dairy, along with Akbash Dogs for livestock protection.

Our Akbash Dogs

Akbash Dogs

At Southern Star Farms, we raise purebred working livestock protection dogs.  Our Akbash Dogs are UKC Registered. We have both smooth coat and long coat dogs.  We have raised Akbash Dogs since the early 1980s. Initially, we showed our Akbash Dogs, traveling across Texas, Oklahoma and Michigan. In the early 1990s, we purchased our first goats, Alpine Dairy goats and from that point forward our Akbash Dogs have been actively working to protect livestock. 

In our geographic location, we primarily have coyotes, big cats and wild dogs to contend with. We currently have 4 pastures in which we have goats with 1 to 3 dogs depending on the herd size. Standing at stud, we have 2 unrelated males:

Adama is a 6 year old, heavy boned, long coat male. 

Adama on the left and one of his daughters on the right.

Adama on left; one of his daughters on the right. Photo by Matthews, 02/23/2020.

Jessie is a 3 year old, medium boned, long coat male. 

If you own a UKC registered female and wish to breed her with one of our males, please contact us via email or text. We will require a copy of her pedigree (preferably a 4-generation or more pedigree), along with current photos of her. Our practice is that the female would be delivered to our farm and stay with the selected male for one month. For more information, please contact Ann at 405-496-1791.


Jessie on right; our purebred Boer buck on the left. Photo by Matthews, 04/21/2020.

Our Goats

Boer, Kiko and Nubian Goats

We raise goats primarily for meat production. Our foundation Does include purebred Kikos,  Alpine/Nubian crosses, purebred Nubians, and Boer/Kiko/Spanish crosses.

Our foundation bucks include purebred Boer and Nubian. Our purebred Kiko buck was retired in 2019. We plan to acquire a purebred  Savanna and a purebred Spanish buck in the months to come.

While meat is our primary focus, our Alpine/Nubian crosses and purebred Nubians also give us an avenue for milk production. If you are interested in having your own milk goats, give us a call.

You may need goats to replenish or establish a milking herd or beef up your meat production, etc. You may even need a goat for barbecue. We have goats available year round.  For more information, contact Jim at 405-496-2015.

It's suppertime!

A few of the herd at feeding time. Photo by Matthews, 02/28/2020.